Skype Session


Initial Skype Cosult 1 hour


Follow UP 30 minutes 

Session Entails


Dietary Plan based on YOU

A peek at  your cabinets

Setting goals 

Food, Exercise, Heart & Mind

At Your Door Visit


Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank, Oxnard Area, Sarasota, Tampa - call and find out when I am in your area

1 hour visit



We  will go over your medication and glucose goals as they relate to food, exercise, and medication intake.  It would be great to have your latest labs and A1C results.

Weight Loss

In my last 21 years, I have seen the need for so many different approaches - each person needs something catered to them. We will work together for your best outcome.

Post-Surgery Recovery

There's no reason to get in trouble with food and health after surgery when you know how to keep your immune system happy and healthy.

Chronic Illness

There's always a little extra help you can give your body that makes each day better  on your journey to health.

Overall Health & Wellness

Health encompasses not only food and exercise, but also a state of mind, rest, and all the things that happen day to day.  Let's work together to find a healthy balance.

21 Years and counting