Motivated Motion

Every Second Counts


No second is too little, no small step too small.  Every time you move around, take time to walk, stretch, move, and dance, IT COUNTS!

Try a New Step


Wear good shoes, safe tennis shoes.  Make sure your KNEE and ANKLE are in line with each other.   Do not squat more than 90 Degrees and DO stick your booty out when you squat, to protect your knees!  

Set a Simple Happy Goal


Happy measurable, & attainable goals go a long way!  

"I will eat one new veggie a day for 5 days" or 

"I will try 2 minutes of Zumba on Fridays"

Small, happy, real!

Surround Yourself with Beauty


Surrounding yourself with nature, and taking walks in green spaces have shown to help reduce anxiety and depression.   Pick a pretty spot, and take a deep breath.  Enjoy the adventure.

A Buddy and Some Music


Buddies keep us going, and if you love your own space, that works too.  Add some motivating music to activate your brain, get your hips moving, and your feet dancing!

Stretch with Patience


A stretch should not be rushed.  Inhale, stretch slowly, exhale, and hold the stretch gently for 10 to 30 seconds.  Then release and try the other side!


She Knows

Exercise Motivator with Dr. Dani